Dr. White

Dr. White, Owner and founder of Springlake Animal Hospital graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995. After graduation, she started her career in a mixed animal practice in Orange Park before leaving to start a mobile services practice. In 1997, Springlake Animal Hospital was founded in a small office we referred to as “the closet”. As the clinic grew through support from the local community, in 2000 we moved to our current location at 7400 State Road 21 across the street from Johnny’s Barbeque. She has 8 horses, 5 dogs, 2 cats and a Cougar named Kiki. She brings her passion for animals to the hospital, and that love for animals is the basis for the way Springlake has been run, and a big reason for its consistent growth over the years.

Amy Wells – Office Manager & Head Technician

Office Manager and Head Technician Amy has been with Springlake Animal Hospital since December of 2006. She helps us with the day to day running of the overall business, and assisting in just about any other place where she’s needed.

“I love that our staff cares for every patient as if it were their own pet.” We have such friendly and personable relationships with our clients. Our doctors are very thorough and genuine. Everyone here at Springlake Animal Hospital is so dedicated, compassionate, and kind.”

Amy has three dogs, “Teddy,” “Hercules” and “Dixie Doodle ”; and two cats, “PJ,” and “Zena”. She is married with three children, and she loves attending her children’s sporting events, going kayaking and spending time with her family.

Gloria Johns – Veterinary Technician

Gloria Johns has been a technician with us since 2009. She has 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses and a potbellied pig named Wilbur. She loves her job and the opportunity to share her love for animals with others. Along with her extended family here at Springlake Animal Hospital she is happy to give every patient the loving care that she gives her own animals.

Kaitlyne Cooke – Veterinary Technician

Hi, I’m Kaitlyne, I am 17 years old. I started training over the summer to become a vet technician. I am currently a Junior in high school. Also, I’m in ROTC, I have done Colour guards, as well as, raiders in my Sophomore year. I started ROTC in my Freshman year. After high school I would like to become a Veterinarian or Doctor (anything that allows me to save lives). I volunteer at the Community Church as well.

Personally, I own a cat, her name is Starshine and a dog, her name is June. I enjoy meeting all the pets that I see and I’m grateful for the chance to have this as my first job.

Jasmine Stemp – Veterinary Technician

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I started here as a vet tech in February of 2023. For as long as I can remember I’ve always taken my animals to Springlake Animal Hospital so to finally be apart of such a wonderful team of people is amazing. I have 6 dogs, 9 chickens, a horse, a goat and a cat so saying I love animals is quite an understatement. Everyday is always an adventure and a learning experience and I couldn’t ask for anything else. I truly am grateful to work with such a wonderful staff and see such adorable fur babies along the way.

Jennifer Stanley – Veterinary Technician

Hey! My name is Jen, I’ve been working as a vet tech at Springlake since May 2022. I have always enjoyed being around animals and love having a job that allows me to meet so many adorable fur babies.

I have two dogs, Maxx and Cali, three cats, Cheshire, Jabberwocky and Noodle, a horse named, Addie, and three goats, Jeremy, Geraldine and BlueBell. I raise chickens on my little hobby farm, and in my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, and Taco Bell. Inline image

Brandi Thomas – Veterinary Technician and Certified Ultrasound Technician

Hi, my name is Brandi. I have been with Springlake working as a Vet technician since July 2019. I am certified for ultrasounds as of October 2020. I have 1 cat at home, Leo (pictured above), and he is my perfect, handsome, mouthy boy, who doesn’t enjoy being at my job as much as I do. I have always wanted to be involved in a veterinarian’s office and when I got hired, I was beyond excited for the new opportunities to come. When I first started here, I had no idea that my co-workers would become my family. They push me to exceed expectations and more. I couldn’t be more thankful for the people that surround me every single day, between our clients to our patients to my co-workers. I love what I do, and I wake up every day excited to come to work.

I take pride in the work we do here. It really is a remarkable place to work and I am so thankful to be a part of the team every single day.

Kayli Carter – Veterinary Technician and Certified Ultrasound Technician

Hi, my name is Kayli Carter. I have been working as a Vet Tech at Springlake Animal Hospital since February 2020, and greatly enjoy my job. I have grown so much in my time here and recently become ultrasound certified. I have one goofy Collie mix named Remy, who also enjoys when I bring him to work with me. I am happy to come to work each day and take stories home with me, and I look forward to the stories I’ll take home with me tomorrow.

Dana Gibson – Receptionist

Hey! My name is Dana. I am engaged to an amazing man, I have 3 awesome children and one beautiful granddaughter. I have been in customer service since I was 15 years old. I spent 13 years as a manager at Walgreens in Jacksonville, 1 year as a Correction Officer in Baker County & 1 year as a bookkeeper.

Growing up my parents said I brought home any kind of “stray” there was, stray people, stray animals I always wanted to help. As I grew up I did just that I became a foster parent and continued to find strays (animals & people lol) and help in all things that came my way.

I have spent my life taken care of kids and animals. I wouldn’t change a thing. At this moment I only have Sargent (as pictured) but I love my job and the people I work with and completely believe that I have found my “work family”. I enjoy meeting all the fur babies that come in.

Shooter – Customer Service Representative

My name is Shooter, I am grateful for a lovely lady who found me when I needed medical treatment and brought me to Springlake Animal Hospital. Thanks to all that was involved I am doing extremely well. When I am not busy trying to steal my employees’ food. I like to watch the birds, squirrels and take long strolls through the parking lot. And occasionally, I attempt to go home with a visitor at my home.