Here at Springlake Animal Hospital, we are excited about digital radiology and what we can do with it for our clients.

It has always been our goal to give our clients the very best care. To do this, we are constantly learning new things and working hard to keep our equipment up to date.

One way we give your pets the best care is with digital radiology. It is quick. We can often see the images seconds after we take the films. It also saves time because we don’t have to repeat films if they are too dark or too light. We can simply change the contrast!

Another way we do this is by offering digital dental radiographs. Taking radiographs during dental procedures allows veterinarians to correctly diagnose dental problems. It allows us to look inside your pet’s’ teeth and see their oral cavities. Digital dental radiographs allow us to decide which teeth need to be pulled and which are healthy enough to stay. They also help us decide if owners need to do more for their pets at home.

Digital radiographs are very safe and effective. We will be able to view the radiographs just seconds after they are taken, so they are an invaluable diagnostic tool during dental cleanings.

Be sure to contact us today at (352) 473-8222 if you have any questions about our digital x-ray unit.